Who is the Georgia State Medical Association Foundation, Inc. (GSMAF) and why should I help?
Georgia State Medical Association Foundation, Inc. (GSMAF) is a non-profit, 501C3 organization of Black Physicians throughout the state of Georgia who stand together to mitigate the dearth of black men in medicine. Founded in 1996, the Georgia State Medical Association Foundation, Inc. strives to educate our colleagues, patients, partners, and associates about the importance of diversity in Medicine. Tax Identification#: 30-0429781

By joining forces with the GSMAF you can help make a difference in the health outcomes for vulnerable populations in Georgia.


The Urgent Need

The current state of diversity within the United States medical workforce does not reflect representative numbers of the Black male population. Research data continues to reveal persistent trends in the areas of unequal K–12 opportunities, the absence of mentors, negative public perceptions of black men, the lack of financial resources, systemic racism, discrimination, incarceration, health disparities, and mortality with respect to Black males. The lack of increase in Black male medical school applications and matriculation contrasted by these continuing trends illustrates that there is in fact an American crisis.1 Additionally, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) reports that in 1978, 1,410 black men applied to U.S. medical schools. In 2014, that number was 1,337, a decreasing statistic for the past 40 years.

Some Key Indicators on Health for Vulnerable Communities in Georgia:

    • • Lower Life Expectancy• Increased Maternal Mortality• Black Physician Workforce Deficits and Pipeline Shortage• Health Inequity

      • Higher Cancer Mortality and Morbidity

      • Higher Cardiovascular Disease Deaths



    • • To seek out and align underrepresented Black males in high school, college, and medical school, residents/fellows, and post-graduates with resources, mentorship, professional networking, and financial assistance• To address healthcare disparities among minorities through community outreach, education, and programming• To increase the number of Black males and minorities in healthcare through program development and advocacy• To eliminate Health Inequity

      • To improve health access in both urban and rural Georgia

      • To educate, test, trace, treat and assure available and compassionate care related to COVID-19


To increase underrepresented minority representation, specifically black males, in healthcare and healthcare related fields, through education, networking, mentorship, advocacy, and scholarship